After careful consideration we have to inform you that the 36th International Swim Meet will not take place this year. Your safety and health are important to us. Even if, according to the current status, major events should be allowed again from August 31, 2020, we cannot imagine how and under what conditions the swimming festival weekend - including accommodation - can be carried out.

For the current planning phase, we also need to be certain that the Ütterlingsen outdoor pool is available. Nobody can give us this guarantee. The further course of the pandemic is too uncertain. With the decision at the present time to postpone the event until the next year, we want to prevent a short-term cancellation. Because you also have to plan and organize your visit to us.

The International Swim Meet is more than just the sporting competition in the water. It also stands for the encounter and exchange of young people at European level. The light-heartedness and flair of the event would be overshadowed by the virus this year. The positive memories of the past few years should not be clouded by a “corona event”.

We ask for understanding for our decision. Please stay healthy!